Eveleigh Photography | About

Once apon a time there were two dreamers. Cast adrift on the sea of adulthood they meandered alone through the waves trying to find meaning in the megaloplitan lives they were struggling through. When they both thought all was lost they caught sight of each other, swimming against the tide to be together they realised that their trials were less together and struck out for the shore. Once they felt the gound beneath their feet and the brine dried on their skin they realised that they had time to look around them and see the beauty and decay that the city had forgotten. From there on in they had a mission to captue the world through their eyes and hold it up to civilisation to view.


Eveleigh Photography are a Husband and Wife team that can produce striking, concise and visually beautiful images that will enhace your projects.

We feel that our photography is a work of art more than a document of an moment in time.

We paticually love to take on commisions from individuals or companies that want to stand out from the cround and create something visionary. Recently we have worked with Save Britain's Heritage, The Center for Alternative Technology and are currently undergoing a project with Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Wales.